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Established in 1913
The meeting house of the Monticello Church of Christ from 1917 until 1979

As a result of the preaching of J.D. Walling, F.B. Shrigley and Price Billingsley, the Monticello Church of Christ was organized in 1913. They first met in the old Presbyterian Church house which was located somewhere near the Dr. E.B. Rice building (across the street from the Immanuel Baptist Church building). From here they met in the theater building (which was run at that time by Mr. Charlie Simmons, grandfather of Dr. John Simmons). Protracted meetings were held in the court house. It's members were: J.D. Walling, Proctor C.Rankin, Sr., Wes and Peline Higginbotham, Cora Wright, Lousetta Ragan and Ollie Shearer.

The Christian Church building, located on Columbia Avenue, burned in 1910 and the lot was sold to Mr. and Mrs. W.F. Fairchild. In 1916, the members of the Monticello Church of Christ purchased the lot for $700.00. Tent meetings were held on the lot before a building was constructed in 1917 at a cost of $7000.00. It is said the building stood for over a year with the sheeting on it covered in black paper. Supposedly, due to the lack of finances, the building was never bricked and around 1919, Bill Bradley returned from World War I and put the stucco on the building. On November 25 1979, worship services were moved from this building to the present one on Highway 90. Construction of the new building was made possible by interest-free loans from the members and the loans were paid off in early 1987.
The present building

The first elders were: T.J. Alexander, Proctor C. Rankin, Sr.; the deacons were W.W. Higginbotham and Henry Spradlin. Later, Obie Shearer, A.N. Shearer, T.M. Shearer and Edwin Doss were appointed elders and Addie Rankin, Essie Shearer, Bruce Shearer, Bill Wray, Howard Caylor, Proctor Rankin, Jr., Jack Shearer and Toney Miller were appointed deacons.

Bro. J.D. Walling was the first regular preacher when the church was first started. He was followed by: Obie Shearer, Max Ogden, Freeman Crowder, Lloyd Spivey, Oral Morgan, T.J. Mitchell, Earl Robertson, Charlie Brown, Mark Raulerson, Bill Simmons, Robert Atkinson, E. Lacey Porter, and Richard Megronigle. The present preacher is Dennis Walker.

P.C. Rankin, Sr. led the singing until his death in 1942. After that, A.I. Rankin was song leader until 1948, followed by Bertram C. Shearer. Between 1954 and 1959, Robert Woosley and Howard Caylor jointly led singing until 1959 when Bro. Woosley moved away. Bro. Caylor continued until 1984 and the song leading is presently shared by Curtis Harris, Tony McCracken, Dale Ragan, and Dan Vickery.